Aircraft Interiors A world leader in aircraft interiors, PBS offers complete integrated cabins, overhead bins, lavatories, galleys and catering equipment. In addition, PBS offer recovering seats of business, economy, and crew, as well as inflight entertainment systems. This diverse product portfolio can be found on a wide range of platforms, including business, regional, and commercial aircraft. This includes small private business jets to the largest jumbo jets, with applications including freighter, military, VIP and commercial passenger service.


we ensure the highest quality painting standards available today. we will work closely with you to develop the exact look you want your aircraft to have. This can include elaborate designs that require detailed craftsmanship, complicated paint work, or the use of printed film to produce logos, photos and illustrations. We offer a wide selection of exterior paint liveries and our paint technicians are expert at applying high gloss, depth and exact color to your aircraft.


PBS provide a wide range of aircraft interior repair, inspection, and overhaul services. The Company specializes in design, modification, configuration, and reconfiguration of aircraft interiors for the commercial and general aviation markets, including Boeing and AIRBUS and many more


PBS accepts the repair and maintenance of your aircraft parts will be carried out by experienced people

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