In order to meet the needs of employees in engineering (Technician and Engineer), PT Garuda Maintenance Facility (GMF) AeroAsia and STT ADISUTJIPTO Yogyakarta cooperating open the program D-III for Aeronautic and “Basic Certificate” appropriate Civil Aviation Safety Regulation (Civil Aviation Safety Regulations / CASR 65). Graduates of this program obtain a diploma straight D-III and Basic Certificate in accordance CASR 65, so it’s really ready to work, have the appropriate competence and internationally recognized certified.

The curriculum and syllabus of this program is based on rules and regulations of the Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education, as well as 3,000 hours of education Basic requirements of aircraft maintenance melaluiAMTO 147 GMF.

The advantages of this program:

  • Graduates get a diploma D-III and Basic Certificate in accordance CASR 65 to work on aircraft maintenance
  • semester VI (Six), students attend internship at establishments owned by PT GMF.

This program is only open to the D-III program Aeronautic:

  • ┬áConcentration Maintenance Aircraft Airframe Powerplant.
  • ┬áConcentration Aircraft Avionics Electronic Care.

Vision D3 Aeronautical Studies Program

Being a qualified vocational education in developing technology and in particular the field of aircraft maintenance engineering recognized by national and development cooperation to produce professionals who have the competitiveness and integrity.

The mission of D3 Aeronautics Program

  1. Organizing educational activities, research and community service that is innovative and insightful aerospace,

  2. Educating professionals who excel in the field of aircraft maintenance and integrity have high competitiveness,

  3. Implement cooperation with the aviation industry at the national level.

D3 Studies Program Objectives Aeronautics

  • Enhance the role and quality of the faculty and students in research activities and community services,

  • Produce graduates means superior and able to compete nationally in the field of aircraft maintenance,

  • Increase competence of lecturers,

  • increasing support teaching and learning, research, and dedication,

  • Develop competency-based curriculum on aircraft maintenance.